Next-Gen KYC & AML
Screening with AI

Meet ALFA, our enterprise-grade solution for AML compliance & mitigating financial crime risks.

The AI/ML-powered solution offers real-time transaction monitoring, watchlist screening, and KYC risk profiling & alerts investigation capabilities.

State-of-the-Art Solution for
Financial Crime Compliance

ALFA combines cutting-edge technological innovations in AI, machine learning, and data analytics with easy configurability for countering complex threat actors & financial crime scenarios.

Powered by metaheuristic optimization technology, ALFA’s AI-powered engine can continually learn and evolve through end-customer information and behavioral patterns in real-time.

Its built-in deep learning capability enables industry-leading accuracy to minimize Level-1 manual efforts in identifying and eliminating false positives.

Global Watchlist Screening
& Enhanced Due Diligence

Our financial crime compliance solution uses intelligent automation and machine learning to perform global watchlist screening and PEP matching, providing a comprehensive safeguard against high-risk individuals and entities. Additionally, ALFA enables enhanced due diligence (EDD) and KYC through a matrixed risk scoring and customer profiling approach based on customizable input parameters.

Our proprietary AML compliance solution addresses the ever-increasing resource demands and costs associated with financial crime investigations. It reduces human intervention in transaction monitoring and customer due diligence (CDD) using authenticated public records, allowing banks to mitigate financial crime risks with efficiency and assurance.

Trusted & Future-Ready
Best-in-Class Features

Unmatched Value
Disruptive Innovation

Mitigate financial crime risks
Unified platform to detect all types of AML compliance risks and perform customer due diligence (CDD) based on emergent regulations and sanctions requirements.
Optimize resources and costs
Allocate investigative resources to high-risk cases and free up the capacity of Tier-1 analysts for more valuable projects. Further, save operational costs with reduced false positive reviews.
Streamline the reporting processes
Generate real-time reports for appropriate datasets within ALFA and display them through an intuitive dashboard, which is easily accessible through multiple devices.
Leverage scalability
ALFA can monitor several thousand financial transactions and process alerts in real-time, allowing banks to scale up the capacity of their financial crime units.
High reliability
It relies on pre-authenticated datasets and primary sources to generate reliable alerts for suspicious transactions, sanctioned individuals & entities, and high-risk customers.
Always ‘current’
The AI engine starts with a few fundamental rules and evolves, learns, and adapts daily as it processes further bits of data.
Human ingenuity and machine intelligence
Evaluates all the integrated data sources to make intelligent decisions and, when necessary, presents all the data to the analyst for manual reviews.
Historical data integrations
As mergers and acquisitions take place, ALFA integrates each organization’s historical data and becomes even more valuable and cost/time-saving.
ALFA processes all available information and builds connections between any associated parties to further reduce alerts and improve efficiencies
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