Self-Service Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard

Meet Factum our cloud-based digital performance dashboard cluster that auto-generates real-time business insights and rich visualization from data. Equip stakeholders with actionable business intelligence, measure performance, and enable bespoke reporting.

Digital Courseware

Simplified, Integrated Enterprise Analytics

Enable a robust and transparent performance measurement system with Factum that unifies business intelligence across individuals, teams, systems, and processes. Determine business outcomes, impediments, and inefficiencies by extracting meaningful insights from the data generated across individual systems and processes.

Built on the Power BI® platform, Factum offers comprehensive features such as 360-degree view, automated cloud-based report generation, visualization, dataset filtering, customized dashboard clusters, business logic mapping, built-in quality assurance, data ingestion, data analytics, and more.

From Data to Decisions Smart Digital Console

Factum offers unique capabilities to help stakeholders make informed decisions while cruising through a fast and user-friendly digital dashboard experience. It enables organizations to instill a culture of accountability and transparency, leading to real impact.

Trusted Reconciled Insights

Trusted “Reconciled” Insights

Trusted “Reconciled” Insights

Leverage trustworthy, vetted information from multiple, unfiltered data sources reconciled for accuracy and completeness. Foster a culture of trust, transparency, and meritocracy.

Versatile Business Dashboard

“Versatile” Business Dashboard

“Versatile” Business Dashboard

through diverse dashboard clusters –Strategic, Operational, Analytical, and Tactical. Make effective decisions, elevate performance, and drive change effectively.

Tailored Information at Scale

"Tailored Information" at Scale

"Tailored Information" at Scale

through seamless data ingestion from Oracle MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, Excel, SharePoint, Azure, AWS, and other databases. Enjoy scalability & fungibility with best-in-class tools like Power BI® and Tableau®.

Trusted & Future-Ready Best-in-Class Features


360-Degree Insights

Comprehensive real-time data insights and reporting for all stakeholders.


Built-In Automation

Automated creation of dashboards and KPI reporting. Refresh the data and visuals automatically at intervals.


Rich Personalized Interface

Customizable dashboards with tailored metrics and data visualization.


AI-Powered Analysis

Get insights from structured and unstructured data using intelligent algorithms.


Multiple Dashboard Types

Multiple BI dashboards viz. strategic, operational, analytical dashboards, and tactical.


Multiple Data Sources

Seamless connection with different data sources. Integrates with Excel & other apps.


Data Visualization

View and download engaging visual reports in multiple file formats.


Intelligent Entity Mapping

Multi-layered smart mapping of metrics with stakeholders, departments, and functions


Interactive Dashboard

Toggle between statistical measurements. Switch between micro & macro views.


Dataset Filtration

Focus on granular data subsets within the active page.


Live Feedback

Integrated live feedback to share quick updates and closed-loop reporting.


Integrated Quality Assurance

Embedded QA outcomes and action to help identify training needs.

Why Factum? Key Benefits


Precise & Reliable

Get accurate and verifiable insights based on inputs from multiple data sources.


Fast & Secure

Deploy without hassles and get insights within minutes. Publish reports safely through secure cloud servers.


Flexible & Accessible

Integrate with diverse database systems and apps. Access from desktop, mobile, etc.


Best Value

Reap affordability and capability through value-driven deployment models.


Manageable & Scalable

Manage easily with automation, Q&A box, help & feedback, etc. Enable large-scale deployment with extendable cloud storage and high performance.


Cloud-Based Service

View and interact with reports on the cloud. Enable customized (read/write) access for users.

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