Digital Courseware for Financial Services Training

Meet Fluent – our proprietary e-learning courseware suite for training your workforce, knowledge management, and employee retention.

Digital Courseware

E-Learning Courseware for Financial Institutions

Leverage our ready-to-use “smart” e-learning content repositories and frameworks to jumpstart and track/measure dedicated workforce training programs for back, middle, and front office services. Fluent offers native SCORM packages for seamless deployment of customized digital learning modules over the existing LMS, enabling fast, cost-effective, and autonomous (self-directed) upskilling/reskilling of on-premises, remote, and hybrid teams across multiple locations and devices.

Powered by the Digital Knowledge Operations™ framework, our interoperable and scalable e-learning courseware and content modules allow financial institutions to rapidly train a certified and agile talent pool “in-house.” With Fluent, build future-ready execution capabilities across mortgage, financial crime compliance, commercial lending, cards & deposits, insurance, wealth and asset management, and other verticals.

“Round-the-Clock” Talent Transformation

Fluent fosters 360-degree workforce training and development, knowledge management, and employee retention for financial institutions by enabling a holistic talent and skill transformation in line with the pillars of Strategy, Synergy, and Culture.

  • Drive goal-driven training programs to build proactive capabilities to support new projects, engagements, and trends.
  • Conduct skill assessments and gap analysis to pinpoint the targeted areas for learning and upskilling.
  • Build a training funnel with a perpetual learning cadence for upskilling the teams.

  • Assess skill adjacencies (related/matching skillsets) and reskill the teams with short, focused training programs.
  • Harvest the synergies between different skill areas to maximize talent capital and outcomes.
  • Broaden the skillsets across the streams for higher talent retention and motivation.

  • Build a foundational architecture to foster long-term learning and cultural integration based on the “growth mindset.”
  • Create an inventory of graded, ready-to-deploy talent pools across verticals and functions.
  • Curate a fungible talent development and retainment framework that can be cross-leveraged for multiple business units.

World-Class Features

Business Impact – Customer Success Story

Customized Deployment of Fluent Helps a US-Based Mortgage Lender Scale Up Employee Training with 75% Less Efforts

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Fluent: Game Changing Value & Outcomes

Comprehensive learning

The “unified” digital learning courseware enables holistic training across verticals such as mortgage, financial crime, commercial lending, wealth and asset management, and more.

Proven, real-world skillsets

Certified and experienced subject matter experts develop the digital courseware to foster execution capabilities in line with global standards and industry benchmarks.

Plug-and-play interoperability

SCORM packages enable seamless interoperability by allowing the direct import of courseware from the native sources and integration with client-side LMS.

Customizable deployment

Supports customized deployment of the e-learning modules with targeted course coverage to meet specific training needs.

Certified talent pool

With Fluent, financial institutions can rest assured of building a thoroughly tested and certified workforce that can perform operations with assurance and reliability.

Future-ready capabilities

Offers up-to-date training material based on emergent industry best practices and regulatory guidelines, helping in the development of cutting-edge skills.

Fast and scalable training

Allows simultaneous training of virtually unlimited individuals and departments based out of multiple locations, while offering personalized tracks to support individual needs.

Quantifiable learning

Built-in performance tracking allows workforce training in a measurable and predictable manner, allowing institutions to project the capability and capacity for new initiatives.

Cost-effective talent transformation

Fluent enables large-scale talent transformation by unlocking the economies of scale. Customizability and Interoperability allow further cost-effectiveness.

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