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We are humbled by the trust of our people who lead Anaptyss with great passion, perseverance, and ownership, every day!

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Our fast-growing organization is driven by a young and vibrant team that takes immense pride in being a part of Anaptyss. We have established a culture code that nurtures talent and ensures that every team member succeeds in their role.

Here’s a testimony to our culture, values, and everything that makes Anaptyss a great place for the modern workforce.

Since joining Anaptyss, I have enjoyed the company’s priorities, culture, and insights.

It’s commendable how all my peers here work with a goal-oriented approach; every day is new learning that helps me to upskill my levels.

Working at Anaptyss always encourages progress, learning and evolution. I am proud and grateful to be amongst incredibly talented people.

Nithya Shree
Senior Analyst

My Experience at Anaptyss has been great. The management here is concerned about every aspect of employees’ growth.

Anaptyss has provided me to grow holistically and given opportunities to develop and implement new skills. Every leader is so approachable and open-minded.

I am excited to see what the future holds for me here.

Rajeev Kumar
Team Leader - Training

My experience at Anaptyss has been great as I am offered a collaborative space with colleagues who share the same values as me. Anaptyss has given me so much to learn, which has helped my personal and professional growth.

I am happiest working at Anaptyss because the right work environment has always been important to me. My skills are well-suited for this position, and I am learning every day, which excites me the most.

Mudita Tiwari

My experience here has been amazing. At Anaptyss, I get to learn new things every day. We work, face challenges, and celebrate our achievements together.

Leadership-enriched culture motivates us to keep challenging our limits and grow better. Such a healthy atmosphere, supportive leaders to help, and a fun team to work with; what else could I have asked for?

I feel happiest working at Anaptyss.

Manish Satija
Reconciliation Analyst

Working at Anaptyss has been a fun trip so far. I am thrilled to work with leaders who care for people. At Anaptyss, every day is full of newer opportunities, which excites me the most.

In the past 11 months, Anaptyss has taught me what team building and collaboration stand for, other than day-to-day work-related subjects.

Ashish Shakya

“Fabulous” is an understatement to describe my work experience at Anaptyss.

The work environment encourages continuous learning. I have the freedom to find my own path to solve challenges and explore new avenues.

The work-life balance at Anaptyss is great.

Prasenjit Mukherjee
AVP - Compliance

My experience at Anaptyss has been incredible.

The employee-centric culture invests in upskilling. Being here for 11 months has outshone my 11 years of industry experience.

I feel encouraged to implement innovative ideas that excite me to come to work every day.

Alka Jha
Associate Director - Mortgage

The leadership genuinely cares about the employees’ well-being.

Everyone has been welcoming, and they openly share knowledge to help me grow.

My experiences in the two separate job roles at Anaptyss have been very engaging and motivating.

Tanyana Dobson
Analyst -Operations

At Anaptyss, I am encouraged to express ideas and opinions to add value to anything we do as a team.

Transparency at all levels makes the journey more exciting.

My experience has been great from Day 1, from celebrating a successful year to having multiple engagements full of learning.

Kamal Sati
Manager - Operations

Anaptyss provides interesting client engagements and empowers me to take up challenging assignments.

Working at Anaptyss has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career regarding people, career growth, and opportunities.

Siva Suriyanarayanan
Analyst - Operations

The self-assuring feeling of being on the right track in my career is the best part of working at Anaptyss. I’ve been able to grow professionally and personally and develop meaningful friendships.

Thanks to the everyday experience that brings me new opportunities to learn and create a meaningful impact.

Nasir Khan
Analyst - Operations

It has been around a year, and my overall experience at Anaptyss has been fantastic. I work as an Analyst, handling the US Mortgage, where I manage, investigate, and analyze mortgage and loan applications.

The role never ceases to amaze me, and I am learning and growing every day. Working in such a collaborative environment, having mentors, flexibility, and free lunch/dinner where employees sit at tables together is a gift.

Rajesh Kumar
Analyst - Operations
One Team Anaptyss

Culture Code
Our Values

Our unique culture is defined by people-centricity and a continuously evolving workplace that focuses on work-life balance, equality, respect, humbleness, and trust. These values equip us to innovate best-in-class solutions for the industry.

Employees are the life force that propels Anaptyss on its growth path to industry excellence.


As a team, we are in a relentless pursuit of delivering the absolute best to our clients.

Integrity & Humility

We strongly believe in leading with humility and a transparent approach.

Respect & Equality

Our world-class culture invariably stands on the tenets of mutual respect and equality.

Innovation & Evolution

In the fast-paced world, we thrive on continuous evolution and our ability to innovate.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are a vibrant, inclusive organization with people from diverse cultures. We are “One Team” Anaptyss.

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Alpharetta, GA 30009
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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