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Digital Finance
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Transform the operations of your organization’s “office of the CFO” with our distinguished talent capital, digital solutions, and managed finance and accounting services.

Partner with us to co-create a digitally robust ecosystem for supporting end-to-end financial and accounting process.

Digital Finance and Accounting Operations
Comprehensive Solutions

Automate & Optimize CFO Back Office

We offer customizable solutions for designing, re-engineering, and transforming finance and accounting processes. Our approach is based on the proprietary Digital Knowledge Operations (DKO)™ framework, which combines domain-led consulting, digital solution implementation, and onshore/offshore/hybrid delivery. We collaborate with a clientele across the BFS verticals to co-create automated digital financial and accounting operations.

Automated & Streamlined

Digitally Powered Finance & Accounting

Explore a wide variety of digital solutions, including process automation tools, data analytics, document automation, blockchain-based distributed ledger, programmable bots, and more. Anaptyss helps financial institutions with seamless and effective implementation of intelligence digital solutions for streamlining the finance and accounting processes.

These are tools that use technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract textual information automatically from print and scanned copies. Leverage document automation tools to generate pre-filled electronic documents such as bills of material, invoices, accounts payable slips, etc., in real-time. These automation tools can fetch information from enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, order management system, etc.

Key Features

  • Up to 100% automation
  • Can be programmed for tasks
  • High interoperability with business systems

Smart contracts are programmable documents that are stored on a blockchain-based distributed, decentralized network. Adopt smart contracts to prepare automatically executable and verifiable documents that are tamper-proof and work without manual intervention. Smart contracts provide a robust solution for the records and reporting needs of finance and account services.

Key Features

  • Secure and tamper-proof
  • Transparent with no third-party
  • Autonomous – no manual intervention

RPA is a broad category of tools for automating rules-based processes and workflows such as workload management, business process blueprints, orchestration, report creation, reconciliation, transaction processing, etc. It offers a drastic reduction in manual efforts, higher efficiency, and productivity for finance and accounting processes.

Key Features

  • Allows exception handling
  • Customizability for different processes
  • Can be integrated with existing systems
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