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For Digital Learning

Train your operations teams to deliver world-class financial services across verticals.

Our custom-designed learning solutions help you build “hands-on” execution skills by offering best-in-class training courseware and domain expertise over a state-of-the-art platform.

Proprietary e-learning courseware suite for workforce training, digital knowledge management, and retention.
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Certified Learning Across Verticals

We help banks, lenders, and other financial institutions develop “certified” execution skills across verticals such as financial crimes and BSA/AML compliance, mortgage and commercial lending, wealth and asset management, cards and deposits, insurance, and more.

Our domain expertise combined with up-to-date knowledge assets and digital implementation capability help deploy custom-built digital learning modules with “gamified” and “personalized” experiences that can be scaled for training multiple users simultaneously across different locations.

Tech-powered e-learning

Gamified, Domain-Centric Learning Solutions

Our thoughtfully designed digital learning solution combines time-tested subject matter expertise, interactive training features, and a robust platform to ensure optimal outcomes. We have partnered with prestigious clientele in the financial services industry to co-create bespoke training solutions, including an e-learning center of excellence, offering extensively digitized business process blueprints and domain knowledge.

Partnering with Anaptyss offers you technical expertise in the banking and financial services domain with hands-on experience in implementing tailored digital learning programs. We offer solutions like digitization of business process blueprints, courseware compilation, custom deployment, and more.

The foremost benefit is customizability as we deploy the learning platform based on training specifications such as domain, functionality, outcomes, and more. Also, the solution is “interoperable” with existing learning management systems, offering seamless and minimally invasive integration.

Maximize the learning impact and knowledge retention through highly gamified training modules that offer “step-level” interactivity to develop real-world expertise and assurance. Intuitively design courseware to facilitate self-learning without any guidance or manual efforts from the training personnel.

Train multiple users on the same process and functional role simultaneously through extensively personalized learning tracks. Keep the users engaged with quizzes, assessments, rewards, and certifications.

Key differentiators

Why Anaptyss? Our USPs

We have demonstrable expertise in talent training solutions that help create future-ready skillsets for financial services operations using a combination of content-rich modules, tracked learning, analytics, and our unique co-creation approach.


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Years of deep domain experience

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Certificate of learning with progress tracking

Flexible and Scalable

Train physically dispersed teams simultaneously