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Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
For Financial Institutions

Manage critical risks due to business disruption, financial crime, market volatility, geopolitical situations, regulatory violations, etc., with our multi-disciplinary enterprise risk management approach.

Leverage our 8+ decades of domain experience to:

  • Design, implement, and test risk controls
  • Manage policy governance for risk management
  • Reporting, oversight, and quality control
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Realistic and Tailored Solutions

Partnering with the Office of the CRO

Our proprietary Digital Knowledge Operations™(DKO™) -based enterprise risk management (ERM) approach offers deep-domain expertise to assess, identify, and mitigate a variety of risks.

We design and deploy cross-functional, domain-agnostic process control systems, perform AI-powered control testing, and Managed Services with integrated quality, compliance, and certified operations teams to offer reliable and cost-effective execution.

Anaptyss partners with Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Chief Data Officers, law firms, and other stakeholders/entities to manage pitfalls in situations involving financial crime, operational disruption, market volatility, hazards, ESG risk, strategic failures/lapses, process/operational issues, etc.

Tech-Powered Risk Oversight

Enterprise Risk Management Modernize the Lines of Defense

Leverage our proactive, risk-based approach to transform the traditional 3 lines of defense (LOD) model to address the rapidly emerging financial & non-financial risks.

Our domain-centric & real-world approach combines human expertise with intelligent technological interventions to effectively remediate vast enterprise risks by implementing proven strategies and frameworks.

We assist financial institutions in policy audits and reviews, risk assessment and identification, control design and testing, quality management, and general policy governance across the processes, staff, technology stack, and other critical pillars.

Design, deployment, and testing of control mechanisms based on the bank size, geolocation, demographic profile, and product line to ensure optimum enterprise risk mitigation outcomes and profile score.

Key Features

  • Enhanced control framework and testing scripts
  • Continuous control monitoring
  • Managed Center of Excellence for testing for best-in-class efficiency and effectiveness
  • Simplified change management

We leverage customized checklists for individual banks, offering a 360-degree, touchpoint-based approach for assessing and mitigating enterprise risks. Our focused ERM approach helps through the following:

Key Features

  • Top-down approach for enterprise risk assessment
  • Granular checklist with 100+ items
  • Manageable and portable formats
  • Reporting on the progress of ERM

Our seasoned advisory team helps banks design robust policy frameworks and processes to manage enterprise risks for diverse functions and verticals such as financial crime, commercial and industrial lending, commercial real estate, etc.

Key Features

  • Assess and verify the processes and models
  • Review, evaluation, and profiling of risks
  • Propose and implement process management frameworks
  • Simplify and standardize operations through process re-engineering
Key Differentiators

Why Anaptyss? Our USPs

With Anaptyss, achieve timely, cost-effective, and reliable implementation of enterprise risk management strategies across virtually all verticals and functional areas. Our delivery models offer the flexibility and expertise to support successful execution of complex ERM projects. Aside from deployment, our domain experts also offer domain-led risk advisory to conceive ground-up frameworks and systems for managing risks.

100% Certified

delivery leadership

8+ Decades

of domain expertise

SMART Dashboard

with 360-degree-view of business metrics


defense for governance, risk, and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tailored consultative approach addresses the risks at the policy level through a strong partnership with subject matter experts and business and operations teams. We audit the processes and models, profile risks, implement process management systems, and redesign processes for optimal performance.

Our domain-led approach allows our consultants to deep-dive into the specific risk types and organizational contexts to understand the root cause. We map robust policy controls to the processes, review/rewrite control descriptions, and perform extensive control testing to enable comprehensive enterprise risk management.

Our domain experts assist banks and other financial institutions develop & test robust frameworks and processes to manage enterprise risk across diverse functions and verticals. Key areas included in our ERM practice include financial crime, commercial real estate, commercial and industrial lending, credit risk, operational disruption, etc.

Correct implementation and testing of controls are key to mitigating enterprise risks. Deploying the control mechanisms based on the bank profile, geolocation, size, and product line can help mitigate the enterprise risks and profile score. These include steps such as continuous control monitoring, enhanced control framework and testing scripts, simplified change management, and outsourced testing with the highest quality and efficiency.

Following are some prominent services available to manage enterprise risks in the commercial and industrial lending businesses,

  • Adherence to Shared National Credit Program
  • Review of SBA/HLT, mercantile and field audit report
  • Compliance process findings
  • Collateral valuation
  • Lien status, title work, UCC search

Anaptyss’s comprehensive enterprise risk management solutions enable a comprehensive and customized risk-based approach for financial crime compliance. We leverage our exclusive Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO™) framework to facilitate due diligence, remediation, robust policy frameworks design and processes, advanced control testing mechanisms, and checklist-based approach to mitigate enterprise risks in the banking industry.

We deploy a wide range of intelligent digital solutions such as AI/ML-based transaction monitoring systems, predictive analytics, SMART dashboards, robotic process automation, and more.

Title search, survey zoning requirement, escrow requirement, and Encumbrances review are some prominent services available to manage enterprise risks in the commercial real estate segment.

Credit risks comprise a wide array of financial risks such as market risk, price risk, and liquidity risk that arise due to the effect of market forces on financial assets and liabilities. Our ERM approach is based on implementing the controls for credit policy, operational risks, documentation, etc. Additional considerations include inherent risk ratings and the impact of ratings.

Control testing is a powerful technique comprising processes to check, determine, and mitigate risks in a stepwise manner. Our advanced control testing involves the use of an augmented control framework with ongoing monitoring and agile change management.