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FinopSys -
“FinTech in a Box”

Cutting-edge FinTech solutions powered by AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Big Data.

Transform your business operations and TechOps across verticals like financial crime, mortgage, commercial lending, cards and deposits, insurance, and more.

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Tailored and Managed

FinopSys = Managed FinTech

Simplify FinTech adoption for your business and technical operations with our unique FinopSys solution, offering a host of intelligent digital solutions in a complete, customizable package. FinopSys enables a tailored deployment of the latest FinTech in the market with managed operations, offering speed and convenience with cost-effectiveness.

Our FinopSys suite spanning RegTech, InsureTech, WealthTech, and other categories lets you transform BFSI functions such as customer interaction, onboarding, disputes management, risk management, compliance, payment processing, finance and accounting, and more.

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

Global Operations Engagement Model

Our unique “right shoring” model offers shared services to enable technology deployment, integration, and operations for our clients at their preferred shores. Strategic right shoring based on ‘help & define’ or ‘lift & shift’ methods is key to managing complex tasks with optimal efficiency and costs. Spectacular planning, change resilience, and proactive communication are some of the key elements of our shared services.

We offer an exclusive ‘Go-to-Market’ service by leveraging the technical knowledge partner and integrating it with our service acumen, delivering flawless service to our clients. We couple technology with people and processes, enabling the best possible outcomes.

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Tech-Powered Operations

Latest FinTech Engagement Model

Scale up your online banking capabilities with digital banking solutions such as process automation, web services, mobile apps, digital payments, chatbots with speech-to-text ability, banking-as-a-platform, cloud infrastructure, and more

Key Features

  • Enables straight-through processing
  • Automated 24×7 services
  • Augmented UX

Augment traditional AML software capabilities with rule-based machine learning solutions that offer better accuracy for detecting suspicious transactions. Reduce false alerts to bring down the operating costs and agility to file SAR and respond to notifications.

Key Features

  • High configurability to trigger alerts
  • Interoperability with AML systems

Leverage predictive analytics solutions to derive insights from data, which can help determine key trends for consumer preferences, premium costs, industry-specific attributes, etc. Predictive analytics can help you identify profitable customer segments with higher chances of conversion at lower costs.

Key Features

  • Configurability as per business needs
  • Insights from every data point

Exploit AI-powered robo-advisory solutions to advise investors with reliable and data-driven insights. Minimize human intervention with smart financial advice tools that leverage advanced algorithms embedded in the software to help optimize wealth management services.

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