Accelerating Digital Delivery Experience
for Financial Services

Leverage domain expertise, digital intelligence, and scalable global talent for real business impact.


The Anaptyss Edge – Digital Solutions for Financial Institutions

Powered by the proprietary Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO™) philosophy, we help banks, financial institutions, and insurance providers deliver best-in-class services and solutions to their customers. We are a preferred services partner for leading regional and super-regional banks, community banks, wealth and investment management firms, mortgage and commercial lending institutions, FinTech leaders, crypto players, and other players in the financial services industry.

Our Solutions

  • Financial Crime and Fraud Prevention
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Insurance Services
  • Deposit and Payment Services
  • Wealth and Investment Management
  • Commercial and Consumer Lending
  • Commercial and Consumer Lending
  • Mortgage Lending

Digital Innovations

Our cutting-edge innovations comprise Accelerators and Stimulators that enable fast and effective business outcomes through hassle-free integration with existing systems.


Guided by deep domain expertise, our digital solutions transform critical functions such as AML/financial crime compliance and fraud prevention, digital knowledge management, talent enrichment, performance reporting, and more for a global clientele.


Automated Learning for Financial Alerts (ALFA) is our AI/ML-powered, enterprise-grade solution for anti-money laundering compliance and financial crime risk mitigation.


Our proprietary e-learning courseware suite enables talent upskilling/reskilling, digital knowledge management, and employee retention. It enables rapid transformation of talent and knowledge.


The cloud-based digital performance dashboard cluster generates real-time business insights and rich visualization from raw data. Factum enables a reliable and transparent performance measurement system by integrating actionable business intelligence and reporting.


Reconciliation Tool

The key-logic-based utility implements a “one-to-many” matching protocol for precise reconciliation of records. The tool looks up unique key codes in the output, identifying gaps with up to 48% higher accuracy.

Sample Randomizer

Enable advanced quality checks through random sampling for multiple activities, products, and users across the process value chain. It offers customizable quality check percentages and checks across all products and users in the scope.

Smart Form

Use our interactive user application forms to create a central database of error-proofed user responses. Our smart forms have found extensive applications in high-risk customer (HRC) categorization documentation, automated backend data collection, etc.

KPI Scorecard

Track KPIs and quality parameters using the performance evaluation tool with statistical record maintenance and reporting. The KPI scorecard offers a robust mechanism to track process health and provides insights into performance.

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