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Insurance Operations

Run cost-effective and agile operations to meet your scale, budget, and customer demands.

Comply with regulations and operate a risk-free business while offering the best value to your customers.

Leverage our domain expertise, intelligent solutions, and talent pool to compete in the digitized marketplace.
tailor made insurance management services

Reimagining the Future of Insurance ServicesOperational Excellence for
Insurance Services

Anaptyss offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio to manage and transform insurance service operations in categories like Life and Annuity, Property and Casualty, Brokerage Services, Retirement, Employee Benefits, etc.

Our domain experts, digital solutions, and trained professionals can help you operate key insurance business areas, including marketing, servicing, compliance, and third-party risk management with excellence. We enable transformation through consulting, process reengineering, solution implementation, and operations.
life and annuities insurance services

Life & Annuity

 Pension risk transfer    Policy acquisition    Claims handling    Pay-out services    Billing services    Agent services    Policy administration   Accounting & finance
 insurance brokerage services

Insurance Brokering

 Client profiling    Policy document review    Risk assessment    Insurance advisory    Portfolio management    Financial reconciliation    Invoicing   Claims management
insurance regulatory compliance & risk reporting services

Regulatory Compliance

 Fraud management    Credit risk underwriting    Model risk analytics    Risk reporting  
third party insurance risk management services

Third-Party Risk Management

 Risk tracking and scoring    Fraud detection & analytics    Due diligence  
Efficient, Productive & Result-Oriented

Insurance Services

Insurance solutions are offered to clients through our well-trained experienced resources. Our integrated quality assurance and customer focussed metrics ensure we deliver effective and efficient services to our clients at all times.

Solutions for the digitized marketplaceIntelligent Solutions
for Insurance

We implement a range of intelligent digital solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), document extraction and indexing, NLP-power chatbots, big data analytics, and intuitive dashboards to automate and digitize insurance operations. These solutions reduce manual efforts, speed up processes, and save costs incurred due to manual errors and productivity issues.
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent Document Extraction
  • Rule-Based Engine with NLP

Cutting-edge RPA tools can help automate key insurance processes such as underwriting, document collection, validation, onboarding, process documentation, claims processing, and more.

Key Features

  • Enables straight through processing
  • 24×7 execution of in-scope tasks
  • Fast and accurate outcomes

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based techniques to extract text from scanned images, handwritten notes, and other document formats speed up insurance processes. OCR can augment manual or automated data entry efforts to offer higher efficiency with reduced costs.

Key Features

  • Automatic extraction of inputs from 200+ documents and 7,000 fields
  • Digital third-party orders

NLP-based solutions have numerous applications in insurance services. NLP-powered chatbots can swiftly engage potential insurance buyers through web and app interfaces in real-time, generate leads, and resolve issues. Also, natural language processing can help scale up fraudulent analytics capabilities.

Key Features

  • Programmable solution based on applicable logic
  • Real-time customer interaction and tracking
efficient and effective client centric insurance services
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Our specialized and tailored solutions streamline help insurance operations, enabling the delivery of delightful and cost-effective services to the customers.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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