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Knowledge Operations (DKO)™

Digital-first, realistic, domain-led consultative approach to transform front, middle, and back-office business and technology operations in financial services.

Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO) – An Overview

The DKO framework is our empirical “digital solutions” approach to transform the efficiencies, quality, accuracy, and reporting benchmarks of global banking and financial services operations.

It adopts a thoughtful, domain-led consultative approach with a practical and tailored implementation of intelligent digital solutions to drive quantifiable business outcomes from day one.

Foundational Pillars of DKO

The DKO framework distills the best of intelligent technologies, deep-domain consulting, and scalable talent capital, and magnifies their impact to transform banking and financial services operations. Our uniquely designed approach helps us collaborate with clients to co-create realistic, practical solutions to deliver holistic value.

Intelligent Digital Solutions

Anaptyss is at the frontier of assimilating and implementing next-gen AI-powered technologies like robotic process automation, text extraction, document indexing, analytics, and more for transforming mortgages and AML compliance.

Deep-Domain Consulting

Our domain consultants are hands-on practitioners and seasoned industry experts who have led significant charters for mortgage servicing, enterprise risk management, compliance, commercial lending, and more.

Scalable Global Talent Capital

We bridge the operating capacity and availability gap with our unique “right-shoring” model. The approach allows us to deploy skilled, managed resources readily at our clients’ preferred shores.

Why Choose DKO for your Business – Keystones of Value

Data-driven & Transparent

Embeds analytics into every process in scope to derive real-time, business-centric, actionable insights from the data passing through every single transaction.

Pragmatic & Practical

Realistic approach, guided by deep-dive consulting to solve operational problems by implementing immediate process optimization and automation capabilities.

Integrated & Value-Driven

Unifies Consulting and Implementation in a comprehensive, all-inclusive package for hassle-free and cost-effective delivery focused on outcomes.

Tailored & Targeted

Tailored for the scale and budget of all sizes of business operations. Customizable for specific standalone processes and integrated operations.

Expertise & Experience

Combines hands-on, demonstrable expertise with proven domain experience to generate repeatable, predictable outcomes.

Business Outcomes

Operational Efficiency

We have increased the speed-to-market and overall efficiencies for our clients using automation, center of excellence, digital operating model, etc.

Cost Optimization

Our solutions such as AI implementation, automated report extraction, end-to-end transaction management, etc., have saved our clients substantial costs.

Customer Delight

Our experience and implementation expertise can transform front-office operations to deliver highly responsive and transparent services for the customers.

Regulatory Compliance

We help banking and financial services meet compliance with AML laws, mortgage audits, and other regulatory obligations by deploying AI-powered tools and expert and trained resources.

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