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Fostering Inclusive & Effective Financial Services in the Digital Era:

Bridging the Gap with Technology and People-Centric Leadership

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migtigating financial crime


Anti-money laundering (AML) in the cryptocurrency space comprises a wide range of rules, laws, and recommendations to thwart criminals who want to convert their illegally obtained bitcoin funds into cash.

The FATF’s AML recommendations for virtual currencies were approved and implemented by the European Commission, FinCEN, and other regulatory agencies. Due to these developments, cryptocurrency exchanges, stablecoin issuers, and suppliers of virtual asset services now have more specific obligations (VASPs).

Although international organizations have been attempting to evaluate the dangers and design relevant policy solutions to the risk concerns associated with the increasing use of cryptocurrency for money laundering activities, there hasn’t been a globally coordinated regulation of cryptocurrencies.


Bridging the Gap with Technology and People-Centric Leadership

1. Potential strategies to support inclusion, accessibility, liquidity by harnessing technologies like digital wallets, cryptocurrency, mobile banking, etc.

2. Ways to humanize the experience and foster people-centricity by leveraging predictive analytics, process automation, data warehousing, and other new age technologies.

3. Real-world approaches to navigating the cultural shift in organizations by a relentless focus on employee experience, customer experience, and continuous learning through people leadership.

4. Pragmatic ways to mitigate potential risks and meet compliance in the age of digital currency by combining a “risk-based” approach, technology intervention, and change management.

Who Should Attend?

The webinar will provide valuable insights to a vast audience, including digital transformation executives, CIOs, CFOs, chief people officers, chief data officers, customer experience managers, employee experience managers, BSA/AML compliance officer/manager, etc.

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