Expanding Horizon:Doubling down on India’s potential

The vision is to double the investment in India over the forthcoming biennium and expand the workforce to 400-450 professionals by year-end.

Anaptyss Digital Knowledge Operations Framework for Banking

New Delhi, India, May 22, 2024: Anaptyss will double India investments in 2 yrs; establish new office in Pune: Anaptyss’ Anuj Khurana.US-based digital solutions provider Anaptyss is planning to double its investment in India in the next two years. Anaptyss, which has the majority of its client base in North America, services the banking and financial services sector, with a focus on regional and super-regional banks, mortgages and commercial lenders, and wealth and asset management firms

“We have invested $10-15 million in India since our inception in 2021. The vision is to continue with that momentum and double it from the investment perspective in the next two years,” said Anuj Khurana, the chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Anaptyss. Anaptyss provides solutions in the domains of financial crime and compliance, enterprise risk management, mortgage and commercial lending, cards and deposit, insurance, wealth and asset management.

The company has over 300 employees in its offices across the US, India, and Canada, with upto 200 employees in India. Anaptyss plans to increase its headcount to 400-450 by the end of the year, and most of the hiring will be from India, said Khurana. He also said the availability of domain-native skills and expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies, makes India an important location in terms of talent acquisition.

In September 2023, the company launched a global capability center (GCC) in Gurugram for building digital solutions, managed services, and domain expertise. Along with delivery centers in Atlanta and other satellite units, the Gurugram facility offers digital solutions and operational capability. Currently, 150 employees are stationed at the Gurugram office which is expected to grow to 300 in the coming months, said Khurana. Apart from Gurugram, Anaptyss has an office in Noida.

“We continue to invest extensively in India as a destination for our delivery centre. Very soon, we will be launching a centre in Pune. We are also evaluating tier-2 cities for the future. my goal is to also penetrate the tier two cities in India as well for the low-end transaction, that provides economies of scale and more return on investment to our clients and definitely to us as well,” said Khurana. Beyond GCCs, Anaptyss is also looking to onboard clients from India — Khurana, without disclosing the identity, said that the company is already in talks with a banking institution.

Khurana, who has worked in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) practice of organisations such as NLB Services, WNS, and EXL said that while BFSI is quickly accelerating its digital transformation efforts, it is limited to mostly client servicing side of the business. Innovation on the operational side is still limited. “The back office business operations, whether you call it base operations or the tech operation, they are still very manual and those operating there is actually a significant opportunity in terms of leveraging technologies such as robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, generative AI (Gen AI), machine learning, so on.”.

In the future, Anaptyss will diversify its offerings to service the HiTech, healthcare, and energy sectors too, he concluded.

About Anaptyss

Anaptyss is a digital solutions specialist on a mission to simplify and democratize digital transformation for regional/super-regional banks, mortgages and commercial lenders, wealth and asset management firms, and other institutions. Its Digital Knowledge Operations™ framework integrates domain expertise, digital solutions, and operational excellence to drive change.