Analytics-Based Data Validation and SMART Dashboard to Scale Up a US-Based Investment Bank’s Operations

Client Introduction

An eminent investment bank in the US with a diverse services portfolio, spanning asset management, commercial banking, equity research, and more.

Problem Statement

  • Lack of specialized workforce with analytics skills to perform data validation and documentation review. Inadequate staffing to conduct due diligence for preparing financial models, LOIs, etc.
  • Manual deal flow monitoring and reporting process hampered the visibility of deal dynamics, deal flow source, and fund details, impacting the investment opportunities and pipeline growth.
  • No centralized dashboard to provide insights into valuation patterns, geographical analysis, sectoral evaluation, portfolio composition, etc.
  • Manual tracking and updating of portfolio investments caused delays, errors, and information siloes, affecting operational agility and decision making. Also resulted in information quality issues.

Solutions Offered

Anaptyss used its exclusive Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO) framework to ramp up the client’s operational expertise, efficiency, and analytics-based portfolio tracking and reporting capabilities.

Key solution delivered

  • Deployed trained and experienced analytics talent pool for data validation, preparing portfolio summary, financial modeling, documentation review, due diligence, LOIs, etc.
  • Real-time fund tracking and monitoring with SMART dashboard to provide rich insights into portfolio composition and performance metrics, deal flow data, opportunities, and more. Integrated quality assurance process for consistent and reliable data points.
  • Automated, cloud-based communication management to offer stakeholders fast and seamless access to up-to-date financial statements, annual reports, capital accounts, and other vital documents.
  • Extensive portfolio analytics to analyze portfolio composition, NAVs, etc.

Business Outcomes

  • 25% reduction in the operating costs with the introduction of output-based commercial model.
  • 15% improvement in the productivity and efficiency levels.
  • Analytics-based data validation helped streamline the investment portfolios and acquire new engagements.
  • Timely visibility into deal flow data and other critical metrics facilitated decision-making and agility.

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