Digitized Business Excellence (BEX) Benefit Assimilator Saves 75% of Tracking Efforts for a US-Based Community Bank

Client Introduction

A leading community bank in the US with a diverse services portfolio in small and middle-market banking, mortgage, public finance advisory services, and Small Business Administration lending.

Problem Statement

  • Inflexible and unscalable method for capturing the process improvement benefits
  • Effort-and-time intensive process – Not repeatable and reproducible
  • Inadaptable to different work types and teams
  • Lack of real-time MIS

Solutions Offered

Anaptyss conceptualized a benefit-tracking mechanism with real-time reporting capabilities, including burn up and burn down charts to track the benefits against goals, agnostic of the work type or department.

The solution leveraging Anaptyss’ Digital Knowledge Operations (DKO)™ framework helped drive fungibility, scalability, and adaptability.

Key solution delivered

  • Co-created an effort-tracking mechanism using a tailored combination of domain-led consulting, digital solutions, and expert execution.
  • Real-time conversion of efforts to determine financial and non-financial gains against the tracked goals
  • Built-in automated charting mechanism with real-time visual management

Business Outcomes

  • 75% reduction in the efforts for tracking benefits
  • Real-time and intuitive “benefit versus goal” tracking
  • Replicability across the bank’s departments

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