Transformation of Treasury Management Operations and Efficiency Improvements for a US-Based Regional Bank

Client Introduction

An esteemed bank in the US, offering a wide range of services, including mortgage loans, commercial lending, enterprise treasury management, and others.

Problem Statement

  • Manual operations with fragmented workflows severely hampered the bank’s effectiveness in managing ACH fraud investigations and other crucial treasury management processes.
  • Long handling duration per process extended the overall turnaround time to serve business-critical needs like claims investigation, dispute resolution, refunds, etc., with agility.
  • Inadequate quality control measures with audits and reporting framework affected task and personnel monitoring, resulting in undetected business risks, subpar quality, and rework.
  • Conventional tracking and reporting of tasks without a dashboard lacked clarity on performance metrics and didn’t provide actionable insights to drive business decisions.

Solutions Offered

Anaptyss combined its deep-dive consultative approach with bespoke implementation of intelligent digital solutions to transform the bank’s treasury management ecosystem and co-create higher efficiencies.

Based on Anaptyss’ Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO) framework, the state-of-the-art ecosystem was well-equipped for fast and effective investigation of payment disputes, positive pay service, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service, etc.

Key solution delivered

  • Automated reporting dashboard to fetch comprehensive, real-time performance metrics with actionable insights for stakeholders. Built-in facility to collate and extract customized reports with interactive data visualizations.
  • Structured quality control framework with integrated audit tracking and measurement capability, including advanced audit checklist and accuracy metric measurement. The setup facilitated root cause analysis and remediation with an auto feedback mechanism.
  • Extensive business process re-engineering to eliminate or minimize redundant activities across investigation and customer services. Automated tracking and reporting of customer service call and hold time to reduce work iterations and enable multi-layered quality control.

Business Outcomes

  • 10+% increment in accuracy and efficiency
  • 5% reduction in rework
  • Approx 20% cost savings
  • 360-degree business insights with real-time reporting
  • Centralized governance and reduced risks

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