100% Transparent and Real-Time Tracking of Reconciliation Tasks for a US-Based Community Bank with Power BI Dashboard

Client Introduction

A leading US-based community bank that offers banking, mortgage and commercial lending, funding, treasury, and other prominent services.

Problem Statement

  • Large backlog of unreconciled transactions
  • Unstructured transactions data with lack of business insights
  • Inadequate transaction monitoring, data collection, and reporting
  • Lack of digital tooling to support automation
  • No tracking system to facilitate transaction reconciliation

Solution Offered

Anaptyss leveraged its proprietary Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO™) approach to organize the unstructured dataset and perform advanced data modeling to deploy a customized Power BI dashboard for real-time transaction monitoring and reporting.

Key solution delivered:

  • Structuring of the unorganized dataset and end-to-end data modeling
  • Mapped the specific status of transactions to allow accurate reporting
  • Microsoft Power BI dashboard for real-time insights
  • Deployed cloud-based SharePoint database to feed the dashboard

Business Outcomes

  • 100% transparent, accurate, and up-to-date reports
  • Faster reporting with less effort and zero downtime
  • Real-time tracking of reconciliation tasks
  • In-depth KPI tracking with historical trends, targets, outcomes, etc.
  • More accurate decision-making to support business goals
  • 24×7 mobile access to the project dashboard

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