Digital Courseware for Financial Services Training

Meet Fluent – our proprietary e-learning courseware suite for training your workforce, knowledge management, and employee retention.

Digital Courseware

E-Learning Courseware for Financial Institutions

Leverage our ready-to-use “smart” e-learning content repositories and frameworks to jumpstart and track/measure dedicated workforce training programs for back, middle, and front office services. Fluent offers native SCORM packages for seamless deployment of customized digital learning modules over the existing LMS, enabling fast, cost-effective, and autonomous (self-directed) upskilling/reskilling of on-premises, remote, and hybrid teams across multiple locations and devices.

Powered by the Digital Knowledge Operations™ framework, our interoperable and scalable e-learning courseware and content modules allow financial institutions to rapidly train a certified and agile talent pool “in-house.” With Fluent, build future-ready execution capabilities across mortgage, financial crime compliance, commercial lending, cards & deposits, insurance, wealth and asset management, and other verticals.

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